Kenan İmirzalıoğlu and Cansu Dere Coming Together

After Göbeklitepe's series starring Beren Saat, it was said that Netflix would be a new native player and Kenan İmirzalıoğlu would be the lead. According to the latest rumors, Cansu Dere will be accompanied by Imirzalioglu

. The duo will reunite after the Ezel series

Chagatai Ulusoy's Hakan: After the series of guards, Netflix's first production will be focused on Turkish productions. Hakan: Guard team will undertake the construction of the series, which has not yet been fully announced. The script will belong to Nuran Evren Siti.


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After the series of Beren Saat rumors about the next series to be pulled around. While the rumors that Kenan İmirzalıoğlu will play, the news about Cansu Dereirs as a partner came to the scene. The pair that was previously in the series Ezel birde come together this time a Netflix can come together in the construction. There is no clear information yet on the subject of the series.