Kerbal Space Program 2: To new space colonies

The popular space simulator Kerbal Space Program gets a second part. The game should show a vision of future space travel. In addition to massively improved graphics Publisher Private Division promises new components, interstellar space travel, the ability to build colonies on planets and a multiplayer mode. KSP2 should appear according to the manufacturer for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Kerbal Space Program 2 is designed to help new players get started with better tutorials, finishes and redesigned building instructions. At the same time, the world has become bigger. in the Developer Trailer it is suggested that one can penetrate by means of interstellar travel into numerous new solar systems. Explicitly the developers call the planet Ovin, a kind of super-earth with rings, as well as Rask and Rusk forming a binary system.

Kerbal Space Program 2 – Trailer (Gamescom 2019)

(Source: Kerbal Space Program)

In the game trailer is still no in-game graphics to see; in the developer trailer at least short sequences of a pre-alpha version. But this leaves hope for cinematic space travel. The comic-wise graphic of the first part has come in the years after eight years, despite regular graphics updates.

New resources are also coming into play with the new colonies. Which these are are not yet known. The game should also be modded again. For the development Squad and the team of Star Theory have teamed up. Publisher is still Take-Two subsidiary Private Division.

The first part was released in 2011 and was part of Steam's "Early Access" program from 2013 onwards. Game publisher Take-Two Interactive bought the rights to Kerbal Space Program 1 in 2017. Since then, two DLCs have appeared called "Making History" and "Breaking Ground".


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