Kernel: Linux developer continues to maintain floppy drivers

The days when Linux distributions were still delivered on multiple floppy disks are long gone. And otherwise, the use of floppy disks today is probably very limited. Nevertheless, the Linux kernel still has a native driver for floppy drives, who now even gets a new caregiver and thus continue to be more or less active in the future.

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The previous supervisor, who works for Suse developer Jirí Kosina, has the care with the patches for the current pre-release version of the Linux kernel 5.3 officially closed about two weeks ago, The driver had since orphaned the status.

According to the statement Kosina has no more hardware to test the code. Similarly, the driver is actually dead from a hardware perspective. Because in addition to the negligible use of floppy disks currently available drives also use USB to connect and thus no longer the original driver. This driver is mainly used in virtualized environments.

However, the new supervisor, Denis Efremov, has time, the necessary hardware and experience with the code, it says in the statement. So the developer last fixed some bugs in the code and extended the tool Syzkaller to test the driver code. The floppy disk driver is one of the oldest components in the Linux kernel at all. In the associated code There are even copyright notices from Linux inventor Linus Torvalds himself from the year 1991.