Keto Diet plays an important role in cancer treatment

Scientists who do numerous research on long-standing cancer diseases have succeeded in developing a new method of treating disease by administering medication with a diet they developed.

A recent study by a team of doctors found that cancer was associated with low-carbohydrate, high-fat congenital diets proved to be possible. The results of a treatment method named "PI3K Inhibitor" designed to kill tumors have been published in the magazine "Nature" last week.

Siddartha Mukherjee, an oncologist at the Irving Medical Center at Columbia University, said that the explanation for the issue could be that it would prevent growth of tumors. "We think we will be able to examine more carefully what the diet means in the future and how it will affect chemotherapy," writes Mukherjee, the author of the book Pulitzer's award-winning book "The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer." Scientists are trying to experiment with the combination of diet and medicine this fall in humans.

Mice as Subjects in High Fat Diet

A total of 18 doctors and researchers from Weill Cornell Medicine, Columbia University and New York-Presbyterian Hospital are working on the subject treatment. As for the experiment. Doctors apply Keto Diet to mice to prevent their bodies from using carbohydrates and sugar as a source of energy, and to make the body turn to fat for energy. Then, experts who give the pesticide mice they use for the treatment of "PI3K inhibitor" prevent the growth of the tumors by controlling the enzymes called PI3K. With this treatment developed, the spread of the disease was also prevented.

After taking the patients' PI3K drug during treatment, blood sugar levels dropped significantly. This led to the reactivation of tumor enzymes and the cessation of treatment. In fact, the prominence of the Keto Diet is emerging here. Doctors are able to control the blood sugar of mice through this diet, and the progression of the disease is reduced by 90%. Doctors examined the success of this study on mice with pancreatic, breast, endometrial, bladder and leukemia cancer. Some mice survived twice as long as Keto Diet.


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Shaping Food Habits as Drugs

Scientists now know that foods and diets are a profound effect on human physiology and that various mechanisms act on it. Keto Diet, a low-sugar diet, is already a useful nutritional supplement for some health problems due to its structure. This diet, which is effective for seizure control of epileptic patients who do not respond to anti-epileptic drugs and is useful for patients with type 2 diabetes, seems to be very useful in managing blood sugar and losing weight. This effect on the blood sugar of the diet will thus be an important milestone in combating cancer.