Kia Wins Two Awards at iF Design Awards

South Korean automaker Kia won two awards in two categories with two different designs at the 2020 iF Design Awards. The company's award-winning car was XCeed, while the award-winning concept was Imagine by Kia.

South Korean car manufacturer that has been presented with many awards in the past Kiamanaged to win another prize again. Kia, xceed and 'Imagine by kiaHe succeeded in grabbing two awards within the framework of 2020 iF Design Awards with his concepts.

Kia's XCeed will be presented at the '2020 iF Design Awards'Product'was the winner in the category. Kia had just launched XCeed in the European market in recent months. XCeed was a great success in a short time and became the choice of many car users.

Kia once again proved its claim for design with the awards it won:

kia xceed

Another award winning concept was 'Imagine by Kia'. Imagine by Kia was a concept that best showed Kia's approach to electric cars. Imagine by Kia at the 2020 iF Design AwardsProfessional Concept'' was awarded in the category.

The two awards Kia received in the 2020 iF Design Awards revealed how strong the company is in the design area. The company, which won the first iF award in 2010, has since every year receiving at least one iF award today in total 20 iF awards became the owner.

Kia's XCeed car delivers compact SUV functionality with a hatchback feel in a sporty look. Kia XCeed, especially at the Kia design studio in Frankfurt To European customers It is designed to address. The electric version of the vehicle will be released in the first half of this year.

imagine by kia

In the 2020 leg of the iF Design Awards, which has been going on since 1953, 7,298 applications competed with each other to win the prize. Each of the 7,298 applications have international identity. 78 design experts evaluated by.


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Within the iF Design Awards in seven categories awarded: Product, Communication, Packaging, Architecture, Interior Architecture, Design Service and Professional Concept. Participants who won awards from any category at the award ceremony, at Cafe Moskau in Berlin May 2 – 10 will be on display between.

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