Kickstarter: Bound Mars Atlas shows maps of the Red Planet

What does the Mars region Terra Sirenum look like up close? Where is the Huygens crater located? Where did Mars rovers land? The entrepreneur Eian Ray and his team from Redmapper have created a detailed, bound world atlas. Only this shows regions and geographic maps of Mars instead of Earth. The project The Mars Atlas According to the developers, it should already be completed. Kickstarter is currently collecting money for the printing and publication of the book – 6,100 of 9,697 euros have so far been contributed by crowdfunding.

Job market

  1. SCHOTT AG, Mainz
  2. SySS GmbH, Tübingen, Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Vienna (Austria)

The Mars Atlas shows a total of 218 maps of landscapes of the red planet – including lengths and elevations. These were probably created from the current cartographic data of past expeditions to Mars. The team was able to take part in a NASA workshop three years ago and collect relevant images there. Also included are 2,000 different locations such as craters, mountain ranges, plains and others. The book also provides an overview of the history of Mars research and exploration.

A kind of Google Mars

In addition to the hardcover edition, the creators have developed a web application. It reminds you Google Mars, There, users can view and explore the entire planet as a 3D model. The paths of the Mars rover Curiosity and the landing zone of the Viking probe are also drawn on the model. The Mars portal will be offered as a paid subscription service.

Interested parties can order the Mars Atlas for $ 80 on Kickstarter. One-year access to the Mars portal is available for $ 100. Users can also order it individually for $ 50. Delivery of the Atlas is scheduled to start in June 2020. As with all Kickstarter projects, caution should also be exercised here: Funding does not mean that Backer really receives their product.

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