Kim Jong Un’s New Enemy: K-Pop Culture

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, whose decisions are discussed around the world, said that the country’s new enemy is K-Pop culture. According to Kim Jong Un, the culture led by BTS is nothing but a dangerous cancer and this culture needs to be eradicated.

In a content we shared with you a while ago, the North Korean leader Kim Jong UnOne of the new and interesting bans received by we talked about. While people did not even understand why these bans would be implemented, there was again a lot of news from North Korea. country, this time. He declared war on K-Pop culture.

For those who don’t know, to mention; We can say that K-Pop culture has just started to enter our lives. South KoreaThe culture born in ‘ was revealed, especially when a pop group called BTS gained a fan base around the world. The interesting thing is that the people who follow this group in our country, defend K-Pop culture at an unprecedented level. even themselves called the army There is even a group. The fact that this is the case in North Korea seems to have begun to disturb the Kim Jong Un administration.

Kim Jong Un: K-Pop is nothing but cancer

Kim Jong Un

According to a report in the New York Times, Kim Jong Un promotes K-Pop culture. a dangerous cancer qualifies as. The leader of the country, who thinks that people’s keeping up with this trend will shake the cultural values ​​of North Korea, said that he wanted to do everything that needs to be done to get his people away from this culture. has instructed. who pioneered the spread of K-Pop culture in the country Jung Gwang-il On the other hand, he explained that the thoughts of North Korean youth are not the same as before, and people have started to say that they do not owe anything to Kim Jong Un. If Gwang-il’s statements are correct, what is happening in North Korea today? social oppression We can say that it is nothing.

Kim Jong Un’s K-Pop foe started late last year

Information from North Korea reveals that the hostility to K-Pop in the country has not just begun. Even so, the government December 2020Possessing, distributing and watching K-Pop cultural content throughout the country with a law enacted in banned. Penalties to be given to those who do not obey the law he was going to death. However, despite this law, North Korea could not get people to move away from K-Pop culture.

Drug trafficking in many countries, K-Pop trafficking in North Korea…

North Korea

According to the information obtained, in North Korea, a very large K-Pop smuggling network has been established. Content that was previously available on CDs or DVDs is now imported from China. USB sticks accessed through. Some vendors add BTS archives to USB sticks and send products to North Korea. The interesting thing is, after the North Koreans watched, they took South Korea for a while. alternative they began to see.


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We all know the political structure of North Korea. There is a dictatorship in the country. Everything on the Internet, phones and televisions comes first. from state control passing. Before K-Pop culture entered the country, North Koreans thought that South Korea was a hell and that hunger was rampant in the country. But K-Pop culture is that South Korea is not the place they know it to be, people are starving, let alone starving, learn that they are on a diet because of their excess weight. provided. Here is Kim Jong Un, if the situation goes like this, in the country would lose its political power.That’s why he thinks this culture should be abolished…