Kim Kardashian Wants To Arrange The Edit Button On Twitter

Kim Kardashian, who is chatting with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey at his wife Kanye West's birthday party, said he was trying to persuade him to come up with an edit button on the site.

On our last Friday (June 8th) and his wife Kim Kardashian organized a grand party for West's 41st birthday.

Kim Kardashian, who explains to most Twitter users about the party, is very excited about joining Jack Dorsey with an 'edit' button on Twitter.

One of the invitations of the party, which was very busy on the magazine's agenda, was the Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey. announced they had a chat.

This tweeting response of the Twitter CEO is '' I understand why I am invited now. '' Kim Kardashian then quotes Dorsey's tweet, saying, '' Never be hurt! Kayne loves you. But I had to bring this issue to the agenda. " But Kardashian is not opening the edit button for Dorsey for the first time.


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Kim Kardashian said for the first time in 2015 that he sent an email to Twitter and that the edit button on the site should come. Dorsey, who does not ignore this Kardashian's tweet, said, "It's a great idea! We are always looking for solutions that make things easier and faster. "