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Kpss Associate Degree Kpss secondary examination exam, which is not as easy as Kpss Secondary examination exam, which is not as difficult as the license examination after the Kpss License exam for recruitment of staff to state institutions. We will write about the subject distributions of the questions that will come out at KPSs and the questions that will run away.

As mentioned in the name of the exam, those who have graduated from the Associate Degree departments of the university can enter this test, that is, 2 year university graduates.

Kpss Associate Degree Questions

General Skills and General Skills Two categories are prepared 1. Kpss General Skills Questions Topic Skills

Kpss Associate Skills General Skills Questions consists of 60 questions . 30 of these questions were distributed in Turkish other and 30 of them were distributed as Mathematics and Geometry questions

a. Kpss Associate Degree Turkish Subject Distribution and Number of Questions Vocabulary ( 3 questions )
  • Language Information ( 6 questions )
  • Expression Disorders ( 3 questions [) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) Kpss Associate Degree Mathematics-Geometry Topic Distribution and Number of Questions 6 6 Problems )
  • Using Mathematical Relations (19659012) 6 questions
  • Problem Solving ( ] ) ) 3 KPRS General Reading and Interpretation (19659013) 3 questions Reading and Interpretation of the Table Culture Questions Topic Distributions
  • Kpss Associate Degree General Culture Questions consists of 60 questions These questions 27 questions History 18 questions Geography 9 questions Citizenship 6 questions in Turkey and General Cultural and Current Socio-Economic Issues related to the world .

    a. Kpss Associate Degree Subject Distribution and Questionnaires

    1. Anatolian Seljuk State and the Turkish States in Preface 3 questions 19659014 Ottoman State 9 questions Ataturk's Principles and Revolutions ) )
    2. )
    3. Contemporary Turkish and World History (19659012) 3 questions KPSS Associate Degree in Geography Subject Distribution and Question Number
      1. Turkey's Physical Properties ([19659012] 7 questions [19659013]) [19659014] Turkey's Human Features ([19659012] 3 questions [19659013]) [19659014] Turkey's Economic Characteristics ( 8 questions )

      c. KPSs Associate Degree Citizenship Subject Distribution and Questionnaires Legal Basics and General Public Law (19659012) 3 questions 19659014] Constitution (19659012) 4 questions question )

    4. generally related to Turkey and the world, cultural and current socio-economic issues ([19659012] 6 questions ) [19659080] Total: [19659081] 120 question [19659016]

      Kpss A Few Tips For Success In The Associate Degree Exam

      The Kpss exam is not an emphasis on interpretation according to the other exams, it is a type of exam for direct wisdom. For this reason try to keep your history and names in mind while working on history issues. Get support from video lessons There are many lectures on Youtube Follow all and make notes on important notes in your notebook easier to keep in mind. If you are working, you can upload videos to your phone and listen to it with the help of a headset.

      Questions that have been taken in the Associate Degree examination in the previous years definitely dissolve.

      Note: It is not hard to win, it is important to be able to settle in.

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