Land Rover Defender Viewed on Set of Bond Movie

Land Rover Defender photographs of 2020 models appeared on the set of Time No Time to Die Bond which will be added to the Bond series. This was the clearest image of the model, which was previously photographed.

Images of the Land Rover Defender 2020 have already been distributed online. The resulting photographs were mostly camouflaged images published in the vehicle's tests, but we had never been able to see the camouflage-free design of the vehicle.

An Instagram user “Shedlocktwothousand” shared a photo on the platform. In this photo, Steven showed an idle Land Rover Defender, which was shot on the new Bond film ‘No Time To Die’.

Photo from "No Time To Die":

Land Rover Defender

As you can see in the photo, the Land Rover's new SUV is literally wearing the Bond outfit with its tough and aggressive design. The front hood of the new SUV appears to have a domed structure and may have a carbon fiber finish.


Land Rover Share Photo of Defender Model Expected to Launch in 2019

Although we don't know much about the car since we can only see it from the front, it is thought that the car will have two-door and four-door options. In addition to the design, this vehicle uses a system of electrical power organs called Modular Longitudinal Architecture produced by Jaguar and Land Rover. The 2020 Defender will be officially presented at the Frankfurt Car Show on September 10th.