Largest Open Source Code Facility Opened in Kerala

The Kerala government opened the world's largest free open source facility.

Yesterday, 'Swatantra' opened the world's largest integrated free open source IT (IT) facility. As reported by Indian Web 2, the facility was developed by the International Free Open Source Code (ICFOSS), which was established by the Kerala government in 2009.

The organization has the goal of expanding FOE in Kerala and worldwide. Swatantra will host a free open source software training area and an incubator center.


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For those who do not know, it is called "FOSS", which allows users to run programs without restriction for any purpose and to change according to their requirements. Using Swatantra, the Kerala government aims to achieve democratic access and sustainable economic development of knowledge

In March 2015, the Central Government of India adopted FOSS for all e-management systems. FOSS-based systems are gaining popularity in the world because they offer greater reliability, transparency and efficiency at reasonable costs. Kerala adopted a pro-FOSS policy in 2001 and became the first to do so.


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Kerala also founded FOSS, the Association for Promoting the Alternative Information Processing and Employment Movement (SPACE), to provide employment for academics, companies and the state. SPACE has a structure consisting of members from government, academia, IT industry and other professional sectors.