(LAST MINUTE) SEC: Crypto Currencies Not Ethereum and Bitcoin Securities

Bitcoin and ethereum securities

Finally, one of the most important questions in the crypto money history came from the SEC's wing.

Yahoo Finance's crypto currency at all the Markets Summit in San Francisco today, William Hinman, Director of Corporate Finance at the US Securities and Exchange Commission, said he would not classify the commission ethereum or bitcoin as securities.

The commission's policy is that of SEC chairman Jay Clayton

Clayton said digital tokens were securities, but left crypto money out


"Crypto money is not a security and the definition of a security can not be rearranged to include bitcoin." ] Hinman's clarification clarified the SEC's position on the issue: the name is not important,

Hinman stated that the SEC would not change cryptographic money and digital asset rules, but would apply them. Previously, if they were registered in ether or bitcoin SEC, they could be offered as securities through company shares.

Hinman questioned whether a digital asset could be sold under a securities offer that could later be sold again as something else, and exemplified cases in which companies were no longer a party . In this case, he argued that the answer would be a definite "yes".

Hinman said that if a cryptographic network is not sufficiently centralized and buyers are no longer expecting management control from third parties, then the conclusion is that the coin is " continued that he was not a securities company.

The US Commodity Futures Commission (CFTC) was urging the SEC to clarify its position on the ether, and both commissions would not be able to sell the commodity. he was discussing how currencies were offered at first.

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If the SEC accepted ether and bitcoin as securities, there would be a huge sales frenzy in crypto money markets; there would be uncertainty as to how the regulations would be implemented on bourses, property and markets.