League of Legends Does the Players Want to Mine

The League of Legends (LOL) 's Filipino actors were victims of malicious software produced specifically for Monero (XMR).

Lestergonzaga is a nicknamed Filipino Reddit user, a popular game in the world League of Legends In Garena servers have been used for mining purposes for Monero (XMR) without notice to the user in the background in connection with

By typing in the official League of Legends SubReddit page, The stimulus Lestergonzaga attracted the attention of fans of the League of Legends.

It is claimed that not only League of Legends players, but all Garena server users are victims of the same malicious software.

The official Garena Facebook page explains:

"The League of Legends PH client, to which a certain JavaScript code was added, was subject to unauthorized modification. "

" This code, added to the client, consumes CPU resources on affected computers and performs crypto-money mining. As a result of our security engineers' extensive analysis, it was determined that the affected computers had no other activity other than increased CPU usage. "

Garena also said that in addition to increasing CPU usage, the code does not affect users' computers in any other way. Garena pledged to the users that such a situation would never happen again when the code was removed with the interventions made. "

" We see this as a serious security issue with the highest priority. "