Leica Announces 35mm Lens for Professionals

Leica, one of the first brands to come to mind when it comes to the professional camera lens, has announced its brand new advanced lens. Today, Leica; "APO-Summicron-SL 35 mm f / 2 ASPH", a new autofocus SL lens specifically designed for its full-frame cameras.


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Leica, who says the new lens is very useful for photojournalists and street photographers, is a bit disappointing about the price of the lens because the price of the lens is at a high price. Leica, who claimed $ 4,595 for the lens he claimed would provide unique photo quality, seems to have his eye on professional users.


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The new Leica lens has been given the knowledge that the entire focus range is only completed in 250 milliseconds; Folded full frame (fx) L-mount is designed for the Leica cameras six times, while the German company draws attention to the APS-C model is said to be compatible. Leica's new lens is currently in the pre-order stage. The delivery of the product will begin in April 2019.