Lenovo and Motorola Extend All Warranty Times

Good news came to those who could not take their malfunctioning device to the technical service due to the coronavirus epidemic. Lenovo and Motorola postponed the warranty period of all devices to a rather advanced date.

The new species that surrounds our world coronaviruses COVID-19 helps many private businesses to physically stop their work and provide one-on-one service to their customers. TB Toamasina caused. Many of the electronic device manufacturers among these businesses are shut down or stopped their operations.

The restrictions on the service created a new problem: devices that failed. in the device problem Unfortunately, due to the fact that the technical services are closed, the users living have not been able to have their devices repaired. Lenovo and Motorola, which could not provide services due to coronavirus, received very pleasing news.

The warranty periods were extended until May 31.

coronavirus who wants to take his device to the technical service in the days when it shows its effect but cannot take this chance persons Lenovo and Motorola for users whose device will expire from March 15 to April 30 warranty He extended his time.

Lenovo and Motorola end the warranty within the mentioned date range of all devices the warranty period was rescheduled as 31 May 2020. Accordingly, users May 31 Until, their devices remain under warranty service operations and repairs, warranties before finished even if they can.

Lenovo and Motorola are not the first.

The warranty periods over the past week Extending Among the companies that explain their decisions and the steps they will take; Realme, OnePlus, Vivo and Samsung other we often hear the name like electronic device manufacturers were also present. Like Lenovo and Motorola, these manufacturers will also be able to history had announced that they had extended.


Huawei Extends Warranty Times In India Due To Realme And OnePlus Coronavirus

Huawei On the other hand, unlike other technology companies, until He handed.

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