Lenovo Foldable Foldable Display Patent With Physical Keyboard

Foldable display technology moved to another dimension in CES 2019 with new devices introduced by companies such as Royole. This technology, which has gained a high popularity after the foldable phone announced by Samsung, seems to affect Lenovo as well.

The common feature of all of the devices with the fold-out screen previously introduced was a form between smartphones and tablets. Lenovo's patented folding screen is different from other devices. The retractable display patent of the Chinese manufacturer can carry folding screens to laptops with the included physical keyboard.

The patent, which is shared by Windows Latest, looks like a foldable device that looks like a laptop. The physical keyboard integrated in the display with this device is the most noticeable detail. The most important feature that distinguishes the patent from other notebooks is the fact that the device does not have a hinge.

The device will have a completely flat structure when folded and the screen will display fast operation indicators such as weather and battery status. In addition, this screen allows for quick message answering, forwarding and deleting options.


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It was previously said that Lenovo was producing a foldable device similar to Microsoft's Andromeda, but this patent has differences with the spoken device. Patents do not mean that the devices will be released soon, and therefore we have to wait for Lenovo's official announcement for the new device.


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