Lens Caps Completing the Glass Reflection Light Problem

The Ultimate Lens Hood silicone lens cap completely removes the light reflection problem when taking pictures from behind any glass.

Whether you use a simple camera of your smartphone or a professional camera;

Josh Smith noticed that the light reflected from the glass during his trip to Japan was a big problem for the photographers, and the idea came to mind. Smith, who designed a silicone lens cap that could be used in almost any camera, lifted the light reflection problem altogether.


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As you can see in the following moving photo, the lens head, Ultimate Lens Hood (ULH), allows the reflected light from the window to fall to zero.

The standard ULH is designed to fit the wide range of telephoto lenses of 60mm and over of DSLR and mirrorless photographic machines. ULHmini was developed for smart phones and digital cameras with lens widths from 30mm to 60mm.


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Josh Smith is working on funding KickStarter for the Ultimate Lens Hood. Smith has so far accumulated $ 40,000 in investment. Smith's goal is to bring ULH to those who support him until October 2018.