Less whitespace: GitHub Desktop 2.8 brings new comfort functions

GitHub has released version 2.8 of its desktop client. The focus is on convenience functions for comparing code and more options for developers who have a particularly large number of local repositories.

In future, users will be able to expand diffs, i.e. the comparative representation of two code blocks, at the push of a button in order to capture a more complete picture of the adjustments made. A new context menu also allows developers to expand the entire file at this point. At the same time, users can fall back on a new focus view that hides less relevant whitespace changes in the diff and allows a clear view of the changes actually made in the code.

GitHub Desktop 2.8 can hide changes in spaces and co in the comparison view.

(Image: GitHub)

Another focus of the new release is the handling of local repositories. If you often work with multiple copies of directories in parallel, you can assign an alias to them in future in order to be able to differentiate more easily between the different variants.

GitHub is continuously expanding the desktop client, which was completely redesigned in 2017, with new functions: the last release added a drag-and-drop feature a few weeks ago for the selective movement of commits as well as various innovations in the area of ​​security. More about the updates and detail improvements under the hood can be found the release notes for the client refer to the free for macOS and Windows on GitHub for download is available.


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