letgo Announces its New Service letgo oto +

Used platform letgo announced its new business model letgo oto +, in which it will enter the used car market ambitiously in its online launch.

Turkey’s second most successful handheld platform from letgo, along with new letgo car + to buy and sell second hand cars taking a new step. Although letgo oto + seems at first glance to be a standard posting platform keeping customer satisfaction first It offers many different features to avoid any problems for both buyers and sellers.

Letgo, which aims to minimize the problems that may occur during and after trading, Thanks to TSE approved auto expertise centers It examines the cars in detail and all these details down to the smallest detail. to be included in the advertisement provides.

letgo oto + offers the buyer the opportunity to exchange within 14 days

letgo oto+

New letgo oto + has prioritized 3 different principles so that customers do not have any trouble. The first of these is that all cars to be advertised are examined in letgo oto + ‘s own expertise centers, as we have mentioned before. The first of these centers is in Istanbul Maslak Atatürk Auto Industry In an area of ​​1600 square meters started to operate.

The second principle is to guarantee the car for 12 months or 20 thousand kilometers. In this way, letgo + tries to prevent any mishaps that may occur after the purchase. The last feature is the kind that will make people who are thinking of buying a car very happy. Letgo auto + to buyer after sale For a period of 14 days and a range of 500 kilometers offers a replacement guarantee.

letgo oto+

Onur Kavak, General Manager of letgo, in the used car market that many dynamics will change In his statement, he used the following statements; “Letgo oto + is the easiest and most reliable way to buy and sell cars. We want to be the most popular and preferred solution partner when it comes to second-hand cars by creating an end-to-end customer experience from our digital platform to the physical store. in 2021 it will be to us by means of many cities in Turkey. Be wherever you would like it to offer an ease and confidence in the transparency of Turkey’s future, letgo car + car that I bought your eyes without even the need to see physically in a closed manner, without compromising your comfort at all, just a click to safely and easily taken, we will bring it to your door . Enjoy your car. “