Letter written by Albert Einstein to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

In the 1930s, Einstein taught at the University of Berlin and moved to Paris, unable to stand up to Nazi pressure. Of course, other Jewish professors in Germany were also looking for a safe country to shelter because they were unsafe.

That's exactly why a letter of 17 September 1933 bearing the sign of 'Albert Einstein', OSE 'te, Jewish Rescue Society) to be delivered to Ataturk by TC

The letter, which began as 'His Excellency', was:

"as OSE World Association honorary president, with 40 professors and doctors of the scientific and medical study from Germany for not allowing them to continue in Turkey would ask the Your Excellency to reference. Said persons, their profession because of the laws in force in Germany Most of them, who have extensive experience, knowledge and scholarship, can prove to be extremely useful if they live in a new country, so that they will be able to prove that they are worthy of the knowledge and expertise they have gained from their Excellency, experts and distinguished academics who have applied for permission to continue their settlement and work in our country. people are chosen from a large number of applications made to our union.These scientists desire to work for a year without any expectation of any of your institutions in accordance with the instructions of your government.

I have the dignity of expressing my hope that your government will not only remain at a high level of human activity if it accepts your request, but will also bring benefits to the country. "

Honored to be a faithful servant of His Excellency,

Prof. Albert Einstein

Prime Minister Ismet Inonu, who read this letter, sent the letter to the Minister of National Education Reşit Galip Bey, who served at that time. But the result was unfavorable.

And then, Albert Einstein was sent an answer letter like this:

"The ruling government's policy to not fulfill the scientific and medical studies in Germany 40 professors and doctors I received your letter, which expressed the acceptance of Turkey. I saw that they accept a year of free work in our government institutions of these gentlemen. Although the offer is very attractive our country's laws and regulations I am not able to give you a positive answer, as you know, we have already employed more than 40 professors and doctors, many of whom have similar qualifications and capacities under the same political conditions. In the present case, we are trying to develop a very sensitive formation with members from various cultures, languages ​​and backgrounds, and for that reason we regret that it is not possible for us to employ more staff in accordance with the conditions we are in.

Distinguished professor,

I express your sadness that you can not fulfill your desire, I ask you to believe in the best feelings.

– Yes, the request was rejected. However, Einstein's wish that 40 science is not human, came to 190 German scientists Turkey. [19659003]

– he also was the Prime Minister and Ministers who opened the door to this important scientists despite the opposition of the Board of person, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk unsurprisingly

– Atatürk invited these precious scientists to a meal in honor of the Iranian Shah, a guest at the Dolmabahçe Palace.

– In fact, this was the professor Alfred Kantorowicz who treated the teeth of the Iranian Shah. The ophthalmologist Joseph Igersheimer wrote a new prescription for the king.