'Letting the new Bitcoin quit, maybe the right thing to do

You read about a lot of koinas introduced to you with 'New Bitcoin'. A coin that has not been heard so often, the reason is launched as the new Bitcoin and people are officially fighting to get rid of this opportunity.

"New Bitcoin: XCoin" with you

We will sort it according to what you read on the site and what you are willing to click on that site, You've heard of Bitcoin's accolades. A week's focus returns to XLM, while the next week comes the order of IOTA, while coins such as EOS, Verge, Zcash, NEO frequently appear in this list. According to Forbes, every day of the year seems to be reserved for Ripple to be the new Bitcoin. This Ripple and the new Bitcoin news are so intense in Forbes that people really think that Forbes is a kind of obsession. Here is a simple Google search result that will prove it to you:

 Stop Looking for the Next Bitcoin

You need to know why the mainstream media is doing such news and interviews to understand why Ripple, EOS, NEO or other subcodes are not new Bitcoins. Of course, concerns at this point play a big role; but at the same time, some authorities do not say these statements by taking the technical features of coin into the foreground. Centralization, usage area, use as money etc. etc.

Mixing apples with pearls

Even if one of our co-ordinators one day in the future will take Bitcoin's place, even if it is a 'price' , there are still some shortcomings in this definition. So this is exactly what is called mixing apple and pear. That is to say, "Altınordu Fenerbahçe won 1-0, Fenerbahce also played Manchester United 2-0.

In the same way, if these explanations are adapted to the cryptographic money market, then this accusation is very famous:

"Ripple is now 1 under the dollar. Same as Bitcoin. So if the ripple usage increases, it could be as Bitcoin one day! "

If you are a conscious crypto money investor, we do not anticipate that you will fall into these new Bitcoin cues. But for someone who is not very involved with this business, these expressions can be quite deceptive, of course. Many sites advertise these expressions for clicks and premiums, and some are unfortunately investing in that koine without considering anything else.

In fact, finding a new Bitcoin is like finding a new wheel, but it's not like you have to find a new one, because it's already a risky thing to invest in crypto money, and when you get such news into the business, the process is tightly cluttered and people unwittingly harvest their gains. there is not much difference. A new Bitcoin will not exist and it will not be because in this example Bitcoin is already itself. Of course there will be better, stronger, cheaper and cheaper crypto money, which can actually make cryptic money to make the investor even more rich, but it's really impossible for them to get into Bitcoin.

For this reason, approaching this kind of publications with a more inquisitive and skeptical point of view will be the right thing to do for the solution. . Bitcoin was, in concept, truly a revolution, and no one could ever revive the same revolution.