LG Draws On Customer Satisfaction

It was already known that LG was undergoing a troubled process on smartphones, and the company planned to take some measures to prevent it. However, it seems that the plans did not work as expected.

LG, who has not been very happy about the smartphone lately, announced the 'Global Software Upgrade Center' feature to change this. This would offer software updates more quickly to its users.


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en After-sales support is the top priority for LG. Stable and stable updates will show our users that LG smartphones have a long and reliable lifecycle. 65

However, it seems that the promise of bir revolutionary ve innovations has not been filled and its users are quite complaining about it. It was 371 days since LG announced the Software Upgrade Center and there were no changes in the teeth. Here are some issues that users complain about:

40 days after the Software Upgrade Center was announced, LG released the Android 8.0 Oreo update to G6 users using Verizon in the US. So, the flagship phone of the time, G6 users, Android 8.0, 9 months after the publication was able to receive.
G5 users waited almost half a year for the Oreo update. G5 users in the US were able to access the Oreo update 13 months after the release of the operating system. The G5 users came out of the Pie operating system only 1.5 months after the release of Oreo.
Pie, 74 days after the update, LG, V40 phone removed. An alternative flagship to the G brand, the V40 came with 8.1 Oreo and was soon told that it would receive a Pie update. However, there is still no news from the Pie update.



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8.5 months past the first Android Pie update, and no LG device, except for the Android One, is still able to receive a Pie update. With the Software Upgrade Center, LG cannot give its users what they want, and it seems that smartphones will continue for a while.