LibreOffice 7: First beta version released for testing

The free office suite LibreOffice is approaching the next major release with the number 7: The development team has published a first beta version of the software and invites you to try it out and report bugs.

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The development of version 7 started in June 2019. Since then, an alpha version has been released. Version 7.0 Beta1 has now released 831 commits and 179 errors have been eliminated, writes the Quality Assurance team in a blog post. If you want to try out the beta version, you can use the software for Windows (from Windows 7, 32 and 64 bit), macOS (from 10.12) and Linux in one separate download area download. A major innovation is that the Cairo graphics library has been replaced by Skia. There are also improvements in the export of MS Office file formats.

The QA team notes that this version does not overwrite an existing installation from the stable version branch (currently 6.4), but is also installed (under the file name LibreOfficeDev). If you want to read more details about new functions, improvements and the fixed bugs, you can do that in the release notes to do.

It is planned that version 7.0 will be ready at the beginning of August this year. Another beta version will follow in June, and a first release candidate is planned for early July. Version 6.4 was last released in January of this year in the stable branch of LibreOffice. At the FOSDEM conference in Brussels earlier this year, a LibreOffice developer also gave an outlook on the future development of the project.


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