LinkedIn sued for unauthorized access to clipboard on iOS

In the U.S., a person named Adam Bauer sued LinkedIn for reading and collecting users’ data without his consent or knowledge. A company spokesperson who spoke on the subject explained that they were aware of and examined the case.

Cupertino-based technology giant Apple held recently world Developers Conference (WWDC) introduced new privacy and security features for operating systems. iOS 14 clipboard privacy Thanks to its feature, many dirty secrets were revealed in the internet world.

Recently related to the subject we share in one of our news Reddit and LinkedIn Many apps like keep track of what you do each time you touch the keyboard on the clipboard, and on board datas reading we passed it on to you. When this situation occurred with iOS 14, companies made explanations about the issue and announced that they would fix the problem. Now an iPhone user is on LinkedIn about the issue sued.

The man named Adam Bauer sued LinkedIn for reading the data on the clipboard without the consent of the persons:

Adam Bauer, who lives in New York, is a part of LinkedIn’s iPhone and iPad apps, without consent or knowledge He filed a lawsuit at the San Francisco federal court for allegedly reading users’ data and collecting this information. According to Bauer’s complaint, LinkedIn not only spied on users but also nearby computers and other devices also watched.

On the other hand, LinkedIn Vice President, who made statements on the subject recently, Erran Bergersaid that the problem was caused by a software error and that the contents of the clipboard in any way they store he underlined. Shortly after these statements from Berger, Microsoft, the owner of LinkedIn, said that this problem allegedly violated user privacy. he corrected announced.


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Bauer claims that the company has violated social norms. ‘Community cause’ wants to open it with status. In spite of this, LinkedIn spokesperson Greg Snapper said that they are aware of the case and they viewed told. The conclusion of the case is unknown, but the new privacy and security features of iOS 14 seem to hurt many companies.

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