Linux: GNOME and KDE host a joint Linux Summit

In a joint press release, the GNOME Foundation and KDE have announced that they will jointly host the Linux App Summit (LAS) 2019. The two competitors want to set an example for open source software in general and the Linux desktop in particular. The Linux App SummitThe event, which takes place in Barcelona from November 12 to 15, is the first joint event of its kind in ten years, according to the announcement.

The two Linux desktop vendors jointly hosted the 2009 Desktop Summit in 2009. Why the message the Desktop Summit 2011 in Berlin does not involve, can not be recognized at first glance. Now, they both want to reunite their communities and create a distribution-spanning ecosystem of applications. GNOME and KDE want according to the press release "no longer play a passive role in the free-desktop sector". The Linux App Summit is designed to increase the incentive for developers to create applications for the FOSS desktop (Free and Open-Source Software).

The Call for Participation to the LAS runs over the whole of August. Amongst other things, the organizers are looking for lectures on design and usability, on commercialization, on the Linux app ecosystem as well as on community and legal aspects. An important topic should be the creation, packaging and distribution of applications.

Linus Torvalds talking about Linux's desktop issues: "It would be better if we had a standardized desktop across all distributions."

It may still be a long way to a standardized Linux desktop, which Linux Torvalds had requested in a TFIR interview in December 2018, among other things. However, a better ecosystem for desktop application developers and distributors who pull together is at least a step in the right direction.


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