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Thousands of programmers and developers work on the Linux kernel. No wonder, since the kernel can be found in all kinds of devices: whether Android smartphones, embedded computers, laptops and PCs or, in particular, servers. But how do all the people work together and, above all, why? The development is not determined by any company or organization, even if Linux inventor Linus Torvalds is still at the top. Who will support him and how does a patch go before the new code ends up in the official kernel?

Kernel expert Thorsten Leemhuis explains the processes in kernel development and discusses with the c’t editors: Inside Pina Merkert, Keywan Tonekaboni and Sylvester Tremmel: Why are there for so many exotic special chip drivers in the Linux kernel, for many Consumer products, on the other hand, look poor.

Together they discuss why there is no uniform driver interface in the Linux kernel and whether this is an advantage or a disadvantage from the users’ point of view. They also talk about what has improved in recent years and where the strengths of Linux are. And it’s about a current example: How do you mess with key players in the kernel community?

Also there: Thorsten Leemhuis, Sylvester Tremmel, Pina Merkert and Keywan Tonekaboni

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