Linux Laptop: System 76 Prepares First Coreboot Laptop

Only for about half a year, known for its devices with preinstalled Linux manufacturer System 76 officially works on the support of the free firmware Coreboot. In just a few weeks, the manufacturer now wants to distribute computers with Coreboot.

Job market

  1. Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy, Leipzig
  2. Deloitte, Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich

This is a Special edition of the laptop Darter Pro, which is being created for this year's Open Source Firmware Conference (OSFC). Customers purchasing the laptop in this variant will receive a free ticket to the OSFC, which will be held in Google and Facebook buildings in Silicon Valley.

In addition to Coreboot as the actual firmware, the Darter Pro uses the so-called Linux boot in the OFSC variant. It is a firmware version based on the Linux kernel and a small user-space environment, which serves as a kind of first bootloader for a complete Linux system. Linuxboot is originally intended for those hardware where the existing proprietary UEFI can not be completely replaced by Coreboot. Among other things, Linuxboot is supported by Google and Facebook, who want to use the technology on their servers.

The preinstalled firmware should be exchanged by the users but also against the free UEFI project Tianocore or the bootloader Slimbootloader and submarine. Due to the link with the conference, it can be assumed that the offer is primarily aimed at those users who are interested in tinkering with and on the free firmware. When this or other laptops of the manufacturer by default with Coreboot will be available, is currently not in sight.