Linux Will Be Available With M1 Chips In A Few Months

Adaptation work continues for the new Apple M1 chips, which are highly appreciated for their high performance. Linux, which can be used with unlicensed software cheats, will soon receive official M1 chip support.

Apple’s newest With M1 chip laptop and desktop series, Intel It has managed to make a name for itself with its speed that surpasses its chips. Many macOS while others wait for their favorite apps to be adapted to the M1 Linux he waited for his support to come.

With the release of Linux’s 5.13 kernel, M1 chips are expected to be available with Linux. The hard work of the software developers in this area continues at full speed. If nothing goes wrong, Linux is expected to arrive on Apple M1 devices around June.

Support is not the definitive solution

linux m1 chip support

M1 chip support, which is expected to arrive on Linux in June, will likely have flaws when it first arrives. But of course flawed but official support will be safer than flawed hacks. Although the early stages of support will not be able to meet all the requests of users, this can be considered the beginning of a necessary feature.

Studies have been ongoing since the beginning of the year

linux m1 chip support


Intel keeps bullying Apple, showing it as if something didn’t happen this time

First Apple M1 Linux adaptation to reports UART, Kesme, SMP and DeviceTree It will have features that provide basic functions such as. There will also be a SimpleFB based frame buffer, but providing a working 3D video acceleration support seems a bit difficult.

Since earlier this year, several Apple M1 Linux kernel patches have been made for the basic drivers required for the Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Mini models to run. This much work is enough for the support to come out in June. Development work will continue to come for months, and Linux will become available on M1 chips with fewer and fewer problems.

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