Litecoin rebounded over $ 100 as half approached

Litecoin recorded a significant increase over the past two days. Crypto cash rose around 25 percent from $ 84 to $ 105.

According to the latest data from Binance, Litecoin is traded at $ 103.8.

Analysts reviewing the latest increase in Litecoin, approaching half of the upcoming block award,

In the half-block block that will be held in August, Litecoin's miners' awards will fall from 25 LTC to 12.5 LTC. This is thought to have exerted an upward pressure on the price of crypto money

Derek Sorensen, a mathematician from Pyrofex, who spoke to Forbes, said, yönlü Expectation that the price will rise as demand will be limited increases demand in previous months. There may even be a small balloon after the half-way takes place. [

Joe DiPasquale, CEO of BitBull Capital, a crypto-money fund, described the upcoming half-life as a positive factor for the price of Litecoin.

The rise is probably the result of renewed confidence in the market due to Bitcoin's flexibility, even if the SEC postpones its ETF decision. Litecoin is directly influenced by the market's confidence in Bitcoin. Eco

On the other hand, analyst Jon Pearlstone retreated when iyor a significant technical level for 100 dollars Litecoin and the price tested 100 dollars with a modest volume a few weeks ago. Today, this level is being tested with a strong volume, including the substantial purchase of crypto money on major exchanges with Bitcoin. This gives the impression of a real upward movement targeting $ 125. It is important to watch the 100 dollar level closely. This could be a sign of danger if the price falls below $ 100 after such a strong move. U

Litecoin, the fifth-largest crypto-money with market capitalization of about 6 billion 400 million dollars, lasted more than $ 5 billion with a volume of over $ 700 million.

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