Litecoin's founder targeted Bancor after the attack

As we have already reported, Israel-centered uncensored cryptographic money market and token-creation platform Bancor experienced an attack yesterday. Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin who interprets the incident on his personal Twitter account following the hacking of Bancor

said that the hackers who took advantage of Bancor's security were stealing 25 million ETHs and 230 million NPXS, "A stock exchange can lose its customers' money, or if it can freeze, it is not centralized. Bancor can do both.

After an attack, the platform reported that they prevented the transfer of the stolen 3.2 million BNT tokens by freezing.

Bancor, who last year carried out an ICO, collected $ 153 million to become the largest ICO '. Bancor's BNT token, on the other hand, has also been greatly influenced by events.