Lithuania has issued ICO guidelines to attract attention

Lithuania, which issued a number of guidelines on 8 June, named it among the first countries to go to ICO regulation.

Lithuania is preparing legal grounds for ICO projects

Two months after a roundtable meeting to dialogue between government, banks, ICO operators and other institutions, ICOs

In the introductory notes, the following statements were made:

Lithuania already has an extraordinary regulation advantage. We are one of the first countries in Europe to prepare comprehensive Principles on the legal framework for ICO projects, including regulation and taxation and accounting.

Å apoka stated that the participants wanted to keep them in Lithuania:

We admit that the brave new crypto economy world is here .

Many regulatory elements are being addressed

MPs dealing with a wide range of regulatory elements, including tax, accounting and money laundering (AML), are the security of an ICO token

Lithuania's approach seeks to remedy the gaps in legislative understanding for both consumers and businesses involved in the use of ICO tokens.

The US and Canada have yet to [19659003] These guidelines include;

The problem of categorizing crypto tokens as securities is now being addressed by US and Canadian regulators as a major step towards greater coherence, greater transparency in regulation, taxation, accounting and other requirements. is the focus of the inquiry.


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