Lockhart: Xbox Series S has halved RAM and 4 teraflops GPU

The June 2020 version of the XDK software includes a profile mode with which the upcoming Xbox Series S can be mapped. How The Verge reports, developers can use it on a Xbox Series X Dante Dev kit to test how their game will run on the cheaper of the two consoles.

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So far, Microsoft has only released the Xbox Series X alias Anaconda and its technical data, the system should be released in late 2020. The Xbox family, known internally as Project Scarlett, is said to include the Xbox Series S alias Lockhart, a second model at a lower price. So far, it was only clear that the Xbox Series S would be significantly less powerful in terms of hardware than the more expensive Anaconda model.

The Xbox Series X has 16 GB of RAM, which is divided into 10 GB with a fast connection and 6 GB with a slower transfer rate. Developers can only use 13.5 GB of this – 2.5 GB of the 6 GB are reserved for the operating system and various services. On the Xbox Series S, however, according to the XDK documentation, 7.5 GB instead of 13.5 GB should be available – which is a total of 10 [8+2] GByte speaks, but effectively halves the RAM. Because the portion that is used for Windows and the basic game logic must be in the working memory, the memory area that can be used for the graphics unit is probably smaller.

Xbox OneXbox One XXbox Series S *Xbox Series X
Code nameDurangoScorpioLockhartAnaconda
Graphics unitGCN v2GCN v4.5RDNA v2RDNA v2
Compute units12 @ 914 MHz (1.4 teraflops)40 @ 1.172 GHz (6 teraflops)~ 4 teraflops52 @ 1.825 GHz (12 teraflops)
Storage8GB DDR3 @ 68 GB / s + 32MB eSRAM @ 204 GB / s12GB GDDR5 @ 326 GB / s8GB + 2GB10 GB GDDR6 @ 560 GB / s + 6 GB GDDR6 @ 336 GB / s
Storage2 TB HDD (Sata 3)1 TB HDD (Sata 3)(?)1 TB PCIe Gen4 SSD @ 2.4 GB / s
CPU8C, Jaguar @ 1.75 GHz8C, Jaguar @ 2.3 GHz8C / 16T, Zen 28C / 16T, Zen 2 @ 3.66-3.8 GHz

Specifications of Microsoft’s Xbox consoles * unconfirmed

The Xbox Anaconda uses a GPU with a theoretical computing power of 12 teraflops. The Xbox Lockhart should be technically identical, ergo based on the RDNA2 technology from AMD. In order to hit a lower price point for the Xbox Series S, its graphics unit has less power. According to the XDK, it reaches 4 teraflops, which is two thirds of an Xbox One X. With the newer architecture, the practical performance could nevertheless be similar or higher. The combination of less video memory and only a third of the Xbox Series X teraflops suggests that games on the Xbox Series S are calculated with significantly fewer pixels and lower resolution textures. The CPU still has eight cores – albeit a bit clocked down. The XDK does not reveal anything about the SSD.

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