Logitech G: Small and large buttons for the Xbox Adaptive Controller

Logitech has introduced special switches, buttons and buttons for Microsoft's Xbox Adaptive Controller. The Adaptive Gaming Kit is plugged into the accessory via a jack connection. The system consists of three small and three large buttons, under which mechanical switches are mounted. There are also four touch buttons, two analog triggers and play mats.

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Like the Adaptive Controller itself, the accessories should make it possible for everyone to play as comfortably as possible, especially people with disabilities. "We can involve all people around the world"Microsoft spokesman Phil Spencer writes in a press release. Among other things, therefore, the keys and triggers are much larger than usual. Of the 19 possible adapters that fit the Xbox Adaptive Controller, twelve are occupied.

Sticker for different action buttons

In addition to the buttons itself, Logitech adds various sticker sheets to the set. This can be used to label the accessories – for example, with the standard designations of the Xbox One controller X, Y, A and B, as well as RT and LT. The buttons should be built as robust as possible, says Logitech. The set also comes with some cable ties, with which the individual buttons and cables can be fixed. It is probably designed to be permanently installed in one place.

Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit (Image: Logitech)

Logitech will be offering their Adaptive Gaming Kit in November. It should cost about 100 euros. Of the Xbox Adaptive Controller even costs an additional 90 euros. This is directly available from Microsoft.

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