Logitech's New Gamer Mouse: G604

Logitech’s new G604, a non-delay gaming mouse, has many thumb shortcuts that will help users. You can make your success in the games by using different keys on the mouse.

Logitech introduces G604 Lightspeed, a new member of the G600 series of mice. According to the company, there is no delay in the mouse and the mouse has a value of 16,000 dpi. In spite of all these, the mouse is not wired, which means Bluetooth is also available. Rather, the price of the mouse you can use in MMO or MOBA games where you want to give quick commands like World of Warcraft is a bit high.

6 thumb hot keys:

logitech g604

G604 Lightspeed's 6 hot keys, as well as 2 keys to reduce the volume is used to increase. You can assign other keys as you like in 15 different combinations. You can also command the mouse wheel by pushing it to the left or right. When you insert an AA battery, you will have a lifetime of about 5.5 months.


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The G604, the latest product of the G600 series, will be available in late autumn. The price will be worth $ 100 (~ 573 TL). We can say that found in Turkey, including the price of around £ 800 tax. Logitech sees the launch of a new model as a keystroke, not a "change and sell" product, but a serious improvement. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that the company trusts this product.