London Stock Exchange lists first crypto money company

The exclusivity of the cryptographic currency sector has long been overcome because the sector has received more acceptance. Recently, the London-based Argo Blockchain company has received approval from the London Stock Exchange to list its shares on the stock exchange. The London Stock Exchange will list the first crypto money company

The London Stock Exchange lists the first crypto money company

Argo Blockchain is a cloud-based crypto money mining company working on a subscription-based model. The past year was established with the growing difficulty of the crypto money mining sector due to the involvement of ASICs and major mining actors. The company's operations are located in the Quebec province of Canada, a global hub for crypto-money mining companies. The company plans to expand its operations to Iceland and China, where the crypto cashier is very profitable thanks to the low cost of electricity and the cold climate.

Crypto money miners are able to use any of the four crypto currency options (Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum , Ethereum Classic and Zcash). This development is a major development for Blockchain based companies, as the company will be the first crypto money company listed on the Argo London Stock Exchange. Mike Edwards, one of Argo's founders, said:

Establishing a computer station for crypto money mining is difficult, inefficient and expensive. I knew we had to change the game and democratize the process. According to Jonathan Bixby, another founding partner of Argo, the company is a global center for financial technology in the city.

the London Stock Exchange. Bixby, who is chairman of the board at Argo, said:

Listening to a feeling in the London Stock Exchange, helping us grow and helping build leadership positions in the long run will help. In addition, Argo will provide profile, credibility and access to global capital.

The company raised $ 2.5 million from private investors early in January. Also, the decision of the company to force an IPO (initial public offering) is nothing new, as a similar step has been taken by Hydrominer on the market


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