Loss of the Body of Continuous Staying in a Still Life

In the modern society, we are working on a lot of table-top jobs, or if not, we spend a lot of time sitting down.

The damage that experts bring to the still life, one of the issues that society has been most alarmed about. In the modern world, we live for much longer than the old days.

Here are some of the problems that may arise from sitting too far from the still-living ending:

1. Swelling and numbness in legs

2. Weight gain due to low energy expenditure

3. Loss of concentration

When inactive, respiratory and circulatory systems are also affected and less oxygen is ingested in the body, which slows down brain activity and causes loss of concentration.

4. Increased risk of heart disease

5. Increased risk for diabetes

6. Kidney and liver disorders

7. Back and spine disorders if not properly seated






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