LTE expansion: Telefónica asks the Federal Network Agency for a grace period

The mobile network operator Telefónica Deutschland has asked the Federal Network Agency for a grace period for the LTE expansion (4G). This emerges from a letter to the advisory board of the regulatory authority, which is available to the German press agency. The company admitted in the letter that it would not be able to meet all 3040 LTE locations that should be completed within a catch-up period by the end of June.

After the mobile network operators still had gaps in meeting the requirements for LTE coverage after a deadline at the turn of the year, the Federal Network Agency had increased the pressure: it threatened fines and set catch-up deadlines for the companies. The first of these for Telefónica expires at the end of June. By then, Munich should have covered 40 percent of the missing locations.

According to the letter, Telefónica is now justifying the delay with the corona pandemic. Important technical components could not have been delivered. However, the locations are now almost completed and could be completed in July. So please ask for your understanding. At a time when the state is investing billions in business and society, Telefónica should not be held financially responsible.


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