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To get started, there is an announcement on our own behalf: Ours YouTube-Channel c’t 3003 is now available for subscription to the first trailer has already been activated.

Then we get down to business. In terms of security, the Fritzbox is already quite okay by default: That’s true, but Ronald Eikenberg explains in c’t uplink how to do it even more. The hacking attacks on Fritz boxes, which have recently occurred frequently, were the starting point for the “Securing Fritzbox” topic. Therefore, the c’t editors recommend turning off external access if possible or at least not leaving the standard ports open. In addition, the WLAN password can be reconstructed using the WPS convenience function, which is why it should also be switched off.

The favorite app of some politicians is also uncertain: Luca. It promises that despite the pandemic, many places can be reopened – Holger Bleich explains why all of this is not so easy and how it could happen that the public sector in Germany spent an estimated 20 million euros on the half-baked project. Mainly because the Corona Warning App is already a program paid for with taxpayers’ money that is not only safer, but also warns of infection more quickly.

Sylvester Tremmel reports on equally polarizing software projects: He took a closer look at the crypto currency Ethereum and explained how its blockchain can become more environmentally friendly in the future: Instead of wasting a lot of computing energy (“proof of work”), the blockchain can be used also operate in a much more climate-friendly way with “Proof of Stake”. The current crypto hype NFT (“Non-fungible Token”) is also based on Ethereum, more precisely on its smart contracts. In the end, the group looks into the future and speculates whether NFTs might be quite useful in the end.

Also there: Holger Bleich, Ronald Eikenberg, Jan-Keno Janssen, Sylvester Tremmel

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