MacBook Keyboard Replaced by Mechanical Keyboard [Video]

YouTuber Squashy Boy disassembled the original MacBook keyboard and replaced it with a mechanical keyboard, wondering what kind of experience it would offer if MacBooks had a mechanical keyboard. Although the MacBook offers a better typing experience with a mechanical keyboard, we can say that it completely loses its portability.

Laptops, subject functionality, mobility and performance Although they can provide an experience that surpasses desktop computers when advantage of Mechanical keyboard.

YouTuber Squashy Boy, bir MacBook Pro’nun to mechanical keyboard He made an interesting study by wondering what kind of experience he would offer if he had it. “I plugged a mechanical keyboard into my MacBookposted a video called ” YouTuberIn a sense, it also revealed why laptops do not come with a mechanical keyboard.

mechanical keyboard macbook

What mechanical keyboards offer “pressing” feeling It is a fact accepted by most that they offer a better writing experience. However, mechanical keyboards occupy a much larger area than standard laptop keyboards. That’s why a Macbook with a mechanical keyboard, as you can see in Squashy Boy’s video it is not possible to fold.

Although Squashy Boy has been praised by putting the mechanical keyboard on the MacBook in working condition, we can say that the laptop does not look very nice in terms of design and has lost its mobility. As a result a if you want to use a mechanical keyboardInstead of waiting for this from your laptop, you can try to get yourself an external mechanical keyboard. By the way, we have listed 5 price / performance products that give a mechanical keyboard feeling. from here you can reach.

Video of replacing original MacBook keyboard with mechanical keyboard