Macbook Pro: Apple gives up buggy butterfly keyboard

Apple has installed a different keyboard mechanism on its new, 16-inch Macbook Pro. This is not really new, like iFixit has established: Instead of the butterfly mechanism used in recent years, Apple again installed buttons with scissor mechanism, the company had first used in 2015.

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The mechanics of iFixit according to the mechanism should be very similar to those of the Magic Keyboards since 2015. The keycaps can even be exchanged between the standalone keyboards and the keyboard of the new Macbook Pro.

This is good news for users of the new Macbook Pro 16. The butterfly mechanism used in the past Apple notebooks has caused problems for many users over three generations. In the editors of we also experienced locking buttons or permanently triggered letters.

A protective membrane also did not help with the butterfly mechanism

Even the smallest dirt particles could paralyze individual keys. In the seemingly last generation of the Butterfly keyboard, Apple installed a membrane between the key caps and the actual mechanism to prevent dirt from entering. Over the years, the manufacturer has had to offer extended warranties and replacement programs for the notebook keyboards, as they have broken down so many times.

Already at the launch of the third version of the butterfly keyboard Apple pointed out that it could come to the same failures as previous versions. According to previous analysis, Apple should install the new old keyboard in 2020 with the new versions of its remaining notebooks.

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