Machine learning meets security: Snyk buys DeepCode

Snyk is investing the $ 200 million in venture capital raised last week, apparently right away. Because the provider of a security platform has now announced the takeover of DeepCode. DeepCode is the operator of an AI-supported real-time code analysis based in Switzerland.

Snyk currently supports more than 1.5 million developers worldwide in the secure creation of software. The machine learning-based offering from DeepCode is now intended to help identify weak points more quickly and guarantee developers a higher level of accuracy.

DeepCode is a spin-off from ETH Zurich founded by researchers in the field of machine learning. Snyk hopes that the takeover will result in a sophisticated, interpretable AI-supported semantic code analysis. So you expect a code analysis 10 to 50 times faster than that of the alternatives. In addition, there is talk of real-time workflows within the development process and a drastic reduction in false negatives and positives, since a system is assumed that is able to learn quickly from large amounts of code. Furthermore, Snyk speaks of a code scan at IDE and Git level, so that developers can easily integrate scanning into their development process.

It is expected that the acquisition will be completed within two months, prior to which the usual preconditions must be met. More information on Snyk’s recent cash injection can be found in the announcement on the company website.


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