Maiden Tower Legends and Mysterious Secrets / Maiden's Tower History

Kuz who has nice loves and nice experiences
Today, the tower is one of the most important symbols of Istanbul. In the historical process
Many people with unique views of Maiden's Tower used for many various purposes
it is a building that I admire. The Maiden Tower is famous for its legends
as well as a history of 2500 years. In Istanbul
One of the first places that comes to mind ’’ The Maiden's Tower birisi ler is definitely happening.
There are different legendary stories of this magnificent building
available. But there are a few historical facts about the Maiden's Tower.

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History of the Maiden's Tower

Maiden's Tower BC It has a historical background dating back to 2475. The tower, which became the symbol of Üsküdar, is a work from the Byzantine period. The Maiden's Tower has been restored many times until its present state. Surrounded by large stones, today's foundations were laid during the reign of Fatih. On the top of the tower that resembles a medallion Sultan II. Mahmut has a monogram dated 1832. It served as a customs station during the Byzantine period and was used as a fortress in the Ottoman period. Today, it is known for its luxury restaurant.

 Legends of the Maiden's Tower
Legends of the Maiden's Tower

The Legend of the Maiden's Tower Sad Love

Love is the story of the love of two young men named Leandros and Hero. According to the story
He falls in love with a nun called Hero, who is tied to the young Aphrodite named Leandros. But
Hero who lives in the Maiden's Tower is forbidden to fall in love. Leandros every night
swims to the tower to see the hero, the hero Leandros
He burns fire every night to see. Hero burned on a stormy night
the fire goes out and Leandros loses its way and drowns in the waters of the throat. This
Hero, who cannot stand the pain, commits suicide for his love.

It is known to host. Even today in love with most lovers
or prefer the Maiden's Tower for special occasions. Hero and

The Maiden's Tower – Serpentine Story

Another story about the Maiden's Tower which is the subject of different legends
the story is the snake story ending like Cleopatra's end. Again to the rumors
according to the Byzantine emperor and his daughter would be a daughter in the king country
The festival is announced. Every year we celebrate the birthday of your daughter
Celebrating the King of the United States by educating his daughter to call him the throne
prompts But the oldest of these scholars, the oracle
to be killed by a venomous snake by the age of eighteen
He says. Then the king wants to place his daughter in such a place
No one should kill her daughter. Tower on a small island in the middle of the sea
the king puts his daughter here. King is here every day to see your daughter
income The king's daughter is about to turn 18 years old. King Day
He sends a basket of his favorite grapes. But in the basket of grapes
The snake from the tower kills the girl by inserting it. The emperor's daughter

We talked about two of the best known legends among the Maiden Tower stories . The Maiden's Tower, now used as a restaurant, is also home to romantic love stories. Those who come to Istanbul can enjoy a romantic meal with their loved ones in this unique landscape. The loneliness and dignity of the Maiden's Tower in the middle of the island challenges the entire city. Those who want to enjoy Istanbul and the sea from this unique landscape can reach the tower by boat or by boat.