Main Character Gender Distribution of 2020 Games

The game world, which generally has a male main character, almost equalized the gender distribution of the main characters according to this year’s data. This year, the proportion of games featuring female main characters rose to 18%.

The general of the games in the game world, the main character in the game male was showing as. Some segments did not like this unequal gender distribution in games. Feminist Frequency made and shared by this year’s if it’s research showed that the game world has changed.

Feminist Frequency, every year The giant event of the game world analyzes the game announcements made at E3 and shares the graph showing the gender distribution in that year’s games. However, this year’s E3 2020 fair due to cancellation organization, all companies events where he announced his new games analyzed one by one.

The gender of the main character in the 2020 games:

main character gender

According to Feminist Frequency, the games shown at the events this year 18%as the main character a female character it allowed us to play. In addition, the ratio of games with only male main characters 23%‘was. So for the first time, the main character gender distribution almost equal had become.

The interesting thing is that the 18% of the games with the female main character are 1 in 3 at the event where Sony introduced PlayStation 5 It appeared before us. Although the increase in female main characters this year is a good sign, it is currently unknown whether this balancing made suddenly is permanent or temporary.


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The ratio of female main characters in the first year of the study, whose results have been shared since 2015 9%While limited to, this rate was 32% for men. In 2016, female main character and male main character ratios were respectively %2nd and 41% in 2017 7% and 26% in 2018 8% and 24% and finally in 2019 5% and 21%.

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