Maltese crypto firm EURS stabilizes coin market

Malta-based crypto firm Stasis announced that it will release a new digital currency, EURS, which is fixed at 1: 1 against the euro.

EURS coin Launches Prime Minister Joseph Muscat's key crypto and blockchain law passed by the Malta parliament Malta Chamber of Commerce

Stasis' founder and CEO, Gregory Klumov, says that institutional investors have very high demands for such a stable coin:

We are very interested in institutional investors. Firms, first and foremost, want transparency and security. There are also investors who want to reduce the volatility of their portfolio and are looking for a stable money to do so. Such investors participate in ICOs and fiat banking systems. You can not perform the transfer required for such investments quickly.

Klumov also stated in his statement to CCN that each investor controls their reserves on a daily basis to ensure that they are backed up with the given tokens.

When asked about the possibility of future new crypto pairs, Klumov added that Ethereum is now the best Blockchain for crypto money operations, saying it is too early to talk about it.

EURS begins to sell on July 4

aims to meet increasing demand from investors to crypto funds. Fixed crypto money provides a reliable shelter in times of extreme volatility in the crypto money market, while at the same time enabling free transfer of assets in a free way through a Blockchain. EURS can be bought from the DSX, a London-based stock exchange since July 4th.

The Statis firm, which issued the EURS stabilization coin, has been operating since 2012

STASIS has announced that it is a fully harmonized financial instrument that allows investors to tokenize any financial asset. Blockchain platform. Thanks to its transparent and regulatory loyalty networks, the STASIS platform allows the capital to move freely between the off-chain and on-chain digital forms of existence. The company is based in Malta and has been actively cooperating with the Maltese government on crypto money legal frameworks since 2012.

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