Manchester United Victim of Cyber ​​Attack

Manchester United, one of the biggest teams in English football, fell victim to a cyber attack. The club described this attack as a “sophisticated operation.”

Many different institutions and organizations in recent years cyber attacks he fell victim. Last but not least, English Premier League teams Manchester United joined. The club confirmed the attack.

The Red DevilsIn a statement on Friday, he stated that they are trying to keep the emerging problems at the lowest level. Also your team West Bromwich Albion It was stated that the match he will play with will not be affected by this attack.

Manchester United trusts in its cybersecurity

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In the statement made by the club, cyber attack It has been confirmed. In addition, the ongoing disturbance is underway, with the club taking action quickly and currently investigating the attack together with expert minimized was expressed.

Red Devils also made this attack by cybercriminals. sophisticated operation He also explained that there are broad protocols and procedures the club has worked on before for such situations.


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In the club management statement, “Our cyber defense has described the attack and is used to protect affected systems, contain damage and protect data. closed. Club media channels, including our website and app, were unaffected and currently there is no personal data about our fans or customers. we did not discover data leakage.” said.

Matches will not be affected

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In the statement, that the club played its matches Old Trafford It was also stated that the systems to be used in the match against West Bromwich Albion in the stadium were safe and working. In other words, this attack could affect the situation of the match in any way. will not affect.

A club spokesperson said these types of attacks were is becoming more and more common and stated that it is necessary to constantly prepare for possible attacks. Although Manchester United has not shown the expected performance in recent years, one of the biggest brands known as. The club, which has fans from all over the world, also has a very significant number of members..

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