Market analysis from Bitcoin Exchange Binance

Binance Research, the research unit of the crypto money exchange Binance, published a study analyzing the changes in crypto money correlations and market structures. The report concludes that the crypto money market has already reached the bottom and the bear market has come to an end.

The report analyzes several compound factors that distinguish the crypto currency field from more traditional financial markets.

Key findings

Binance Research outlines several elements of the crypto money market, indicating that it is difficult to evaluate equally with traditional markets.

is held by institutional investors. This is a relatively small percentage compared to corporate assets in the US stock market. In proportion, institutional investors in the crypto money market account for 1 / 13th of the market.

Moreover, the conversion rate in the crypto money market is excessive. This shows that investors of the crypto money tend to be overly optimistic or overly pessimistic and are more sensitive to market changes. This leads to higher trading volumes and greater volatility. In comparison, the rate of conversion in the crypto money market is six times higher than in the US stock market, three times more than in Chinese stock exchanges


Binance Research concludes that in its report, the crypto-money market has bottomed out, based on internal correlations.

There are a few signs of this, according to the research unit. For instance, the highest volume ever recorded in CME Bitcoin futures was realized in March. Price activity remained flat for a while in 2019. The March price was one of the most stable months for Bitcoin in terms of volatility.

Although the report mentions the limitations of the crypto-money sector, such as missing legal regulations, asymmetric information, limited arbitrage channels, it is claimed to be 2018's much needed regrouping and building year.

Finally, the study reported that the worst times in the crypto money market were left behind

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