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The long-term agenda of our agenda is the use of pouches in markets before and after the year. I would like to give you some information with my own thoughts

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Plastic Enemy of Nature Yes But Only Pouches? . We know that many drinks are in plastic bottles and are harmful to health and environment. It is said by experts that are drawn anywhere written.

Plastic Wastes First Pouches

If you are implementing this policy, you should bring all plastic products in the market, not just with the bag in the market, but to encourage the production of glass bottles to workplaces instead of plastic.

for 25 cents doesn't mean anything at all but there are not even 5 cents for the value. Every mother and father knows this. Instead of 25 cents of such an application, 25 cents will be returned to us as money in return for the waste.

Plastic Waste Solution in Germany

Many people know that the streets of Germans are very clean because it is the way to recycle

There are bankers in Germany who buy plastic wastes, and these bankers pay you for every plastic bottle you give.

Isn't it too wise, instead of robbing the nation, it benefits the nation and the environment becomes more clean

Example Video From Germany

Our state is in trouble because of how we can get rid of the nation.

Wrong solution, wrong way. The bag is used everywhere. Tradesmen, Markets, Bazaar kendi It could be solved by using different methods.

Stupid Movements of Citizen to Take Place on the Agenda

You have seen photos and videos in Social Media to criticize the status of the money bag in the market from the beginning of the year.

some of them are just fools for the foreground. Example: to enter the store with donkey.

I don't like the fact that my beautiful people are thinking about these things when there is a lot to be looked at. They're not right, but they're right.

The only negative side is that you have to carry a bag with the product when you go to the supermarket and get a few items when you need it market

Nylon bag ban will leave 10 thousand people unemployed

This is the case in the bag ban which is aimed at reducing the use of nylon bags that are entering our lives under the laws and damaging the nature. Industry representatives have said would occur if the reduction of unemployment in the industry to use plastic bags.

bag production in Turkey today is between 200 thousand to 300 thousand tons annually. At this production stage, about 20 thousand people work. When the use of the bag fell to fifty percent of 10 thousand people will be unemployed. There is also an inevitable aspect of this application.

Poor Author.