Marvel Cinematic Universe Celebrates 10th Anniversary (Video)

The Marvel Universe celebrates its 10th anniversary with 20 films and many heroes. The studio has released a 10-year special video and photograph of the entire team.

Marvel's cinematic world celebrates its 10th anniversary. Adapted from comic books, he produced a special video for the 10th year in the cinema of a total of 20 films and many Marvel characters. In the big anniversary videos, all the films and characters of the cinematic universe that started with Iron Man in 2008 were featured. The whole team came together in Marvel Südyları. A collective class photo was taken in honor of the 10th anniversary.


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A 7-day Marvel marathon will be held for IMAX cinemas from 30 August to 6 September for anniversary celebrations. Beginning with Iron Man in 2008, 20 films will be featured in the cinema screen. After the films are released in sequence, two special theme days will be held. Here is Marvel Studios' 10th special video: