Marvel Films Why can not I get an Oscar?

The Marvel cinematic universe has made great progress over the past decade, and is particularly successful in terms of visual sense.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has published nearly 20 films since the Iron Man 's meeting with the audience ten years ago, and the success and popularity of each film has rapidly increased.


When it comes to being awarded, it is unfortunate that Marvel's face does not fancy it, though successful players, visual effects and fantasy universe based on comic books are candidates for popular cinema cults.
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Of course there are Marvel films that have received Oscar awards in the past, but the numbers are very few. Marvel, who has been awarded in 'best hair and makeup design' with 'best man player' up to now, has been nominated many times, but often hands are empty.

Feige said, "When I asked the question, I said," There are a lot of visual effects work, space ships, and billion-dollar bombs, "said Dr. Feige. it can be easy to ignore box office gigs. We already feel like being rewarded in a different way. Alfred Hitchcock did not win the best director Oscar. It's a good thing to win a prize in general, but it does not mean everything. Therefore, I would prefer to have a lounge full of enthusiastic fans to win prizes. "


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In fact, Oscar awards may not be given to Marvel at the same time, but it may also be a withdrawal of 'award awards' after criticism of the academy in recent years. Over the past few years, his Oscar awards have been criticized for being popular, and he has received some comments on his support for 'quality cinema'. Marvel films, though successful, can not be fully incorporated into the 'quality cinema' class.