Mattel Limited Edition: Tesla Cybertruck as a remote-controlled model

As part of the Mattel Limited Edition, the Tesla Cybertruck is available for $ 400. The original is said to have a starting price of around $ 40,000. The scale is 1:10.

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The model is delivered with a tailgate that turns into a loading ramp. The All Terrain Vehicle shown in Tesla's demonstration is currently not yet available for purchase.
The plastic body of the model is removable, so that the interior can also be viewed. Mattel even designed stickers that mimic the broken side windows that were created during the Tesla demonstration of the cyber truck because they twice failed a throwing test with a metal ball.

The model is said to run for about 30 minutes with one battery, has all-wheel drive and even has working headlights and taillights. The battery with 3,300 mAh capacity can be recharged in about half an hour with the included power supply.

Mattel only wants to sell the Cybertruck in limited quantities. However, Mattel did not disclose the exact edition, meanwhile emblazoned "Sold out"-Sign in the picture on a Vorbestellseite you can see. The price is around $ 400. The RC Cybertruck is scheduled to come on the market in 2020, while the real Cybertruck will not be released until 2021.

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